Category: Bodyware

Essence cost:

Moderate: 5
High: 8.3

Nuyen Cost:

Moderate: 165 000¥
High: 500 000¥

Legality: Permit or Very Illegal

Wired reflexes are implanted neural boosters and adrenaline stimulators. They increase someone’s reaction by putting their reflexes constantly on edge. The downside is this makes the user incredibly twitchy. In a battle this increased reaction time can saves their lives however they are prone to react violently to anyone surprising them even outside of combat situations whether it’s friend or foe, as their bodies tend to react before they can stop themselves. Users with wired reflexes often must take steps to avoid being surprised by accident like making sure they always sit with their back to a wall and keeping their guns safety on to avoid accidentally shooting someone. A reflex trigger can avoid these problems by giving the user the ability to turn their wired reflexes off when they are not needed, without this wired reflexes are always on.

Moderate levels of wired reflexes takes one to the very limit of what is naturally possible for reflex timing. High level wired reflexes makes one faster then is naturally possible. Though they still aren't going to be catching bullets they have snap reactions faster then any natural person.

Reflex Trigger:

Essence Cost: 0.3

Nuyen Cost: 13 000¥

Legality: Permit or Illegal

A reflex trigger is an accessory to wired reflexes which allow the user to turn their wired reflexes on and off. This accessory can only be put in at the same time as the wired reflexes, it cannot be added on later.