Category: Cyberlimb

Essence cost: none except for a retractable articulated mount which is 1.6

Nuyen Cost:

External Mount: 5 000¥
Retractable: 15 000¥
Tracking Mount: 25 000¥
Retractable: 40 000¥
Articulated Arm: 110 000¥
Retractable: 200 000¥

Legality: Permit or Very illegal

Weapon mounts can only be mounted on a cyberlimb or cybertorso. A retractable version retracts into the cyberlimb.

External Mount: The external mount is fixed in a ridged position so how well a character can aim with it is limited. It can hold light or heavy pistols and submachine guns.

Tracking mount: This is the same as an external mount but can be hooked into a targeting system to track targets and has a limited 90 degree range of motion

Articulated Arm: This mount works like a tracking mount but has a full range of motion and covers a 360 degree firing area.

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