Drain: 1
Option: +2 Drain, lives for one week instead of three hours.

  • The tiny throw away spirits that any mage capable of conjuring spirits can summon. Each tradition may view them in different ways, but they all work similarly, regardless of cultural outlook.
  • A magician can control three Watchers at any given time.
  • Have no powers of note, outside of their nature as spirits.
    • Are astral beings and thus can follow people who are on the physical plane, while in Astral form and thus invisible.
    • Can see astral things such as spells being cast or other spirits and can try to follow the Astral signature of another mage or spirit (poorly).
    • They can attack things that enter the astral planes, but cannot become physical (unlike most spirits), and so cannot attack anything in the physical world. Even on the astral, they are rather pathetic and more of a distraction/annoyance.
    • Can appear to the physical world as a ghostly image, like any astral being, and can communicate with people in this way, but is still unable to touch or effect them.
  • Live for only three hours, after which they just poof back into astral energy.

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