Magical barriers intended to act as walls against astral intruders such as spirits or astrally projecting mages.

  • Wards require a physical, non-living component. A car, the walls of a building, etc.
  • On the astral planes, the barriers cannot be seen through, passed through or have a spell cast through them.
  • Wards are normally temporary, lasting only a few hours, but a permanent ward can be made once a week.
  • One mage can ward about a regular sized room worth of space with every warding ritual.
  • A group of mages can ward an entire building with a single warding ritual.

Attacking a WardEdit

There are essentially two ways to negotiate an erected ward.

  • Astrally
    • The owner of the ward is immediately aware that the ward is being attacked, no matter where they are, and may likely respond to the intrusion. Moving at the speed of thought in the astral, it can possibly be a pretty quick response.
    • The barrier itself can only sustain so much punishment from an assault. If a magician has enough opportunities to make uninhibited strikes against it, they will penetrate through.
      • When a ward is breached astrally, the integrity of the ward itself is not compromised.
      • Only the attacking mage that delivered the breaking blow(in cases of multiple attackers) can pass through the barrier uninhibited (it will have to be breached multiple times for the others). Essentially, the successful mage punches a tiny hole that only they can pass through.
    • All breaches are sealed should the ward be renewed.
  • Physically
    • The only way to bring down an erected ward entirely is to destroy the physical object it is anchored to. If the ward is built into the wall of an office, then the wall needs to come down (break a full section of it, not just a tiny hole).