Tsimshian seceded from the Native American nations in 2037, and it's gone its own way ever since. The nations leaders claimed they left to protest the secession of Tir Tairngire the year before. It's common knowledge however that Tsimshian planned to break away long before then. They just took the Tir Tairngire succession is assigned the time was right.

Seatle area

The nation is ruled by a staunchly conservative government, so pro-Native American and anti-Anglo that they make most everyone else look like shiny examples of interracial tolerance. Though it is nominally a democracy one single party run by a woman known as Deborah Jim, a small woman but a mage who has a considerably powerful presence, has remained in power ever since the secession. Mostly because it controls electronic voting system so votes always end up going the parties way.

Tsimshian as an entirely Native American population, and its immigration laws prohibit non-natives from becoming citizens. A policy that led to its split from the NAN. The nation is mostly made up of Tsimshian and Tlingit tribes. A small minority 20% at most belong to the Haid and Kwakiutl tribes, and generally get treated as second-class citizens or worse.

Tsimshian laws are fairly harsh, and most crimes are punished with slavery or "enforced servitude" as they like to call it. Convicts are often fitted with cranial bombs keyed to go off if they wander outside of their designated work area. The police are paramilitary force with mill-spec armor and weapons.

Industry in Tsimshian is mostly logging and mining lands rich natural resources. Unlike most Native American nations Tsimshian doesn't care much about environmental safeguards, irregularly engaging clearcutting of forests and stripmining to improve profitability. Smuggling is also a rather large unofficial element of their economy. Tsimshian lives right along the best smuggling route from Seattle up along the old Alaskan panhandle and across the Bering Strait to Russia and Siberia.

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