Anyway who knows about Shadowrun should be familiar with the idea of "Threat" characters. In a tabletop game these are the non-player characters that the game master controls in order to give the players a good challenge and interesting RP.

In the sim threat characters are to serve a similar purpose but don't have to be run by a GM. Threat characters are meant to be short term characters who come in to play out a particular plot or purpose then get killed off, imprisoned, or otherwise permanently leave RP. Threat characters have a general lifespan in the sim of one month, they can be around longer then that but each month they have to let the admins know what their up to and why their character should be sticking around for longer (like their still in the middle of a plot line).

Because threat characters are short term they aren't built off the same 10 point character creation as regular characters, they simply aren't going to have the time to build up the character through RP and no one wants to put a ton of effort into building up a character who they know will be killed off. A good example of a threat character would be a toxic shaman, a character so twisted and violent that they aren't really suitable as a player character but would be great RP for a short time to cause some conflict for the other players. Anyone can play a threat character, there isn't a specific application form for it because each one is going to be different. Just do a short write up about the threat character you want to play and give it to an admin and we'll work out the character creation with you.

All threat characters have to be part of the :SRS: Threats group and have the group displayed in their profile so that other players know it's a threat character.

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