Shamans are a form of fully awakened mage. In terms of tangible ability, shamans are all able to harness sorcery and conjuring to both cast spells which they have learned through ritual and to conjure spirits of nature, and are able to astrally project from their bodies. In North America, many of those who follow the shamanic path are of Native American traditions, following the ideals of their animal totem; however, not all shamans are following Native American paths. Shamans are simply mages who gain their power through respect to and following the path of a higher mystical "being" of sorts, typically referred to as their Totem. Every totem is different, some may embody a personal animal totem, some may embody a "god" that the shaman worships, and it is through respecting their totem and following their ideals that the shaman gains magical power. Failing to follow the ideals of their totem may result in losses of magical ability. Every Shaman will pick one Totem that they follow, they can not follow more then one.

Full Shaman

Full Shamans are able to perform both conjuring and sorcery magic. They can astrally perceive and astrally project.

Aspected Shaman

There are two types of aspected shaman. A Conjurer and a Shamanist

Shamanists can only cast sorcery spells or conjure spirits if their totem has that type of spell or spirit listed as an advantage. For example if a character has a Mouse for a totem they can only cast detection and health sorcery and conjure hearth spirits. If a totem has no advantages listed then there can be no shamanist with that totem.

Conjurers can use conjuring magic but no Sorcery.

both types of apected shaman can astrally perceive but can not astrally project.

Drain points per day

Magic is very tiring to use, how much magic one can case is limited by drain points, each Shaman aspected or not, is capable of casting 20 drain points per day worth of magic. Any essence loss reduces drain available as per the Loss of Magic table.