Renraku Computer Systems



World Headquarters

Chiba, Japan


Haruhiko "Harry" Nakada

Corporate Status

Public Corporation

Major Shareholders

None (No shareholder owns over 10 percent)

Renraku America Headquarters

Manhattan, New York, UCAS (Formerly the Renraku Arcology in Seattle)


Dr. Sherman Huang

Ever since 2030, Renraku Computer Systems (RCS) has been a powerhouse in the field of matrix hardware and software technologies. They are also major players in the field of cyberware and bioware technologies and surgery prodecures. They, additionally, have a suitable hold on weapons manufacturing.

As one of the longest-running megacorps, Renraku has it's hands dug in across the board, to even include a range of magic assets. The one area in which they are notably weak in is aerospace technology.


Renraku prides itself on strength and tradition. Arcaic Japanese traditions and values permeate the culture of the corporation. This often manifests as arrogance, hardline racism, a heavy-fisted approach to everything that they do, and a cold-edged precision to it all.

These are not the people you have an idle chat and play games with. Every move, every action is something to be taken with forethought, precision, and above all, through

Recent EventsEdit

With the loss of the Arcology years ago and the recent death of it's CEO, Renraku has taken a major hit to both it's PR and general confidence. It has been operating at severe losses until just recently, when it is finally starting to recover.


After the debacle with Deus, an overbearing paranoia has permeated the whole of the company's culture and ethic. This reflects most heavily in matters of security. Meetings between corp execs are -always- face to face, sensitive information is pulled off of the main grid and held in secure vaults, outside of matrix access, and even a variety of sensitive communiques are transported via courrier. All for fear of an off-chance compromise by the AI.

In running against Renraku, Deckers are not a hot option as the bulk of security measures are off of the grid and maintained by local deckers and riggers. Attempting to access the network will require an on-site jack from one of the secure levels. Additionally, much of the lab's data is also on a seperate local network, requiring access from the second floor.

Red SamuraiEdit

Red Samurai are the security arm of RCS. It is the only arm of the corporation that openly accepts metahumans, and only elves at that (particularly if they are awakened).

Samurai often deploy in small, specialized groups, suited to the task at hand, and almost always include some kind of direct magic support. Heavy use of internal communications, swift and brutal action, razor-sharp precision, and a tendancy to target metahumans first when tactically viable, are the hallmarks of these elite security agents.

In SeattleEdit

The Renraku building on sim is not the Arcology. It is a smaller building through which the corp stages it's local business. The ground-floor lobby is generally open, though clearance of some kind is required to access any of the higher floors - and is particularly tight around the second floor lab.

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