Players or groups owning IC propertyEdit

Characters and groups can ICly take ownership of the various buildings, clubs, bars and shops around the sim.

No Lindens are charged for apartment rentals or group buildings in the RP area it is all done through RP currency. In that way RP is not being hindered by players monetary status in RL.

Mainenance costs of owning a building:

If a group or character want to move into a building that is not currently occupied they just need to RP it out and let an admin know about it. Once they have moved in however there are maintenance costs that have to be payed to remain in the building, All buildings cost nuyen to keep running, even a run down building is going to take some repair work to keep it from becoming completely unlivable. This maintenance cost will have to be payed to the admins on a weekly basis, this cost varies greatly depending on which building is being occupied. This costs may go up or down over time.

Losing ownership of buildings:

Just because a groups moves into a building does not mean they have OOC ownership of it. Especially in the Redmond area possession of property is a tenuous thing gangs and other criminals don't play nice and often decide to take things by force. If a group loses control of a building through RP because another group forces them out that is very much allowed to happen, just as the original group can try and take it back if they so desire.

Downtown is a lot more orderly, taking over buildings by force really isn't likely to go over well. Owners of businesses there are more likely to run into politicking and espionage as a way to loose their business then to be chased out at gunpoint. Still the point is RP is RP don't expect that the admins to OOCly stop other players from going after your characters stuff and don't go yelling at other players OOCly over it either.

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