Classification: Basic Bioware

Bio Index: 1.6

Nuyen Cost: 60 000¥

Legality: Permit or Very Illegal

Orthoskin weaves an energy diffusing material just beneath the skin the provides the equivalent of armor clothing, meaning it will not stop direct hits from a bullet on it's own, it can only lessen the impact of strikes. The individuals skin is peeled back in sections and the dermal layer is fortified by grafts of sythagen, flextin and flakes of modified and laced cartilage. One transplanted orthoskin usually heals with little or no scaring. However characters with orthoskin also lose some sense of touch because of the increased density of the skin.

Cyberware Incompatibility

Orthoskin can not be used with dermal plating or Dermal Sheath. Since orthoskin can not be implanted in cyberlimbs the more cyberlimbs a character has the less effective orthoskin becomes.