Nuyen is the general currency in shadowrun. As with in RL everything in RP need to be payed for somehow, in the sim we have a currency system which represents how much money a character has. This money is VERY important in RP. Using the Nuyen HUD is how players pay each other for goods and services and it is used to pay for maintenance cost on any buildings a character owns or apartments they rent. See Building ownership for details about how that works.

Once your character sheet has been approved you will be sent a Nuyen HUD, just wear the HUD and make sure you have your correct staring money.

To pay another character simply stand within 5 meters of them and click the make payment button, a drop down menu will appear with the names of everyone within 5 meters of you. Click on who you want to pay then in chat enter /700 ### with the # being the amount you want to pay them.

Corporate accounts are also being set up so that large groups like corporations can give an automatic salary to their members from the groups bank account without having to manually pay each individual. This system should be working within a few days.

Admins can edit the amount of Nuyen a character has and check transactions logs if any problems arise. If an admin has edited your nuyen you'll have to detach and reattach the HUD for the change to show up properly.

One Nuyen is approximatly 4 UCAS dollars.

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