Category: Bodyware

Essence cost: 8.8

Nuyen Cost: 1 000 000¥

Legality: Permit or Very Illegal

based on similar systems user for aircraft and vehicle maneuverability. This system puts the body in a state of constant seizure, these seizures are controlled by an implanted computer which counteracts the effects of the seizures and direct them into controlled movements. When user's with move by wire systems move they do so with unnatural smoothness. These systems take speed to a new level well beyond what a natural person is capable of. This is the pinnacle of what can be done to enhance reaction time and speed. Move by wire can not be controlled by a reflex trigger, it is always on.

There are drawbacks to such a powerful system however, the body was not designed to handle being put through the stress of the state of constant seizure. Slight but uncontrollable muscle tremors while at rest are a common side effect. More rarely the system can cause temporal lobe epilepsy where the systems control over the seizures fails and they loose voluntary motor control. This can be corrected through surgery though this surgery can only successfully be done twice. If the move-by-wire systems fails again after that it must be removed.

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