Hermetic mages are those fully awakened users of magic who look upon magic like a rational science. They understand that magic is indeed a mystical force, but their understanding is based on formulas, intense study, and arcane rituals and symbols. Given the increasingly "rational" understanding of our world, Hermetic mages are on the rise. Colleges which educate in use of magic tend to teach the hermetic understanding of magic, as they would teach any of the other sciences. As full mages, hermetics are able to harness sorcery through intense study of various tomes, equations and research materials, and are able to conjure elemental spirits through rituals conducted within specially prepared hermetic circles and astrally project themselves.

Full Mage

Full Mages are able to perform both conjuring and sorcery magic. They can astrally perceive and astrally project.

Aspected Mages

There are two types of aspected mages, Conjurers and Elemantalists. both types of apected mages can astrally perceive but can not astrally project.

Conjurers can only use conjuring magic, they can not learn sorcery.

Elementalists can only cast spells and summon spirits related to one hermetic element, Earth, Air, Fire or Water.

Earth elementalists can only cast manipulation spells and summon earth elementals

Air elementalists can only cast detection spells and summon air elementals.

Fire elementalists can only cast combat spells and summon fire elementals

Water elementalists can only cast illusion spells and summon water elementals.

Drain points per day

Magic is very tiring to use, how much magic one can cast is limited by drain points, each Shaman aspected or not, is capable of casting 20 drain points per day worth of magic. Any essence loss reduces drain available as per the Loss of Magic table.