You can learn a spell from a teacher who already knows it or from a spell formula. You can only learn a spell from a teacher or formula of the same tradition you follow.

  • A mage spends time in quiet meditation, intense study and formal ritual. The mage needs access to a Sorcery Library.
    • A general book on each subject is required for characters that have no spells within that category.
    • Elementals can assist in the learning of spells appropriate to their element.
  • A shaman learning a new spell spends time chanting, dancing and working in deep trances. The shaman must study in a Shamanic Lodge.
    • Shamans get the long end of the stick in this department. Instead of thick books, comples formulae, and gigapulses of memory, shamans expend radicals to craft sculptures, paintings, or other art to express abstract concepts.
    • Additionally, in lieu of an art gallery, shamans have easy access to a teacher in their totem spirit, which can teach them associated spells without need for heavy investment in a lodge.

While a resourseful magician can find a library or lodge open to the public, they tend to charge patrons for limited access to their materials.

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