Classification: Internal Headware

Essence cost: Mp / 180

Nuyen Cost: Mp x 150¥

Legality: Legal

Memory is a data storage space inside the head, this memory is measured in megapulses (Mp). The higher the Mp available the more that can be recorded from a camera, datajack, ear recorder, headphone, headradio, opticam, simrig and so on. Raw data, skillsofts and certain programs can be stored in headware memory. Information can be output through a datajack or headware communication. Information stored in headware memory can also be acessed by the user internally through a Knowsoft Link, display link or image link.

Memory References:

1 minute of video: 1MP

Knowsoft/Activesoft (Broad or general purpose): 108MP

Knowsoft/Activesoft (Specific purpose): 72MP