Foci (or Focus as a singular) are objects which have been enchanted to help make magic use easier. Anyone who is able to use magic, can learn to create foci (see: Enchanting) which are relevant to the form of magic that they use.

  • Foci can be used when physically touching the person who bonded them.
  • Foci must be consciously turned "on" by the mage who is using them. This is done with their mind and force of will, no physical action is taken. When turned on, a focus will exist in both the astral and physical worlds at the same time. This means it can be picked up by spirits (or astrally projecting mages), seen by other mages who are looking at the astral, used to target spells at the bonded mage from astral space, and cannot pass through magical wards.
  • Can be just about anything, but commonly take the form of magical ritual items unique to one's tradition. Native American Shamans may use drums, medicine bags, or masks, while Hermetics might use wands or staves, scrolls or tomes filled with arcane formulas and knowledge. Still, anything can be made into a focus, from cardboard tubes to cybernetic limbs (assuming the limb is made into a focus before it is implanted and assuming the cardboard tube doesn't get broken).
  • With the exception of an expendable focus, a mage who wishes to use foci (be they purchased from a talismonger, or one that they have some how made themselves) must perform a ritual to bond it. This attunes the item to their unique essence and allow them to tap into its power. Doing this breaks the bond that any other mage has with the focus. This ritual takes around three hours.
  • Foci of the same type cannot be stacked (multiple Power Foci do not all give you drain, or 3 spell foci of the same type won't give you -3 drain cost total). Different spell foci can be stacked, as can totally unrelated foci.