All combative equipment must be purchesed through character creation, and through RP. You cannot just buy a weapon from a store in SL and then come to the sim claiming your character already had the weapon or bought it without actually spending the Nuyen to obtain it. Please be respectful of this rule, it helps prevent god modding and other strains to the sim. The list below are very general terms for the weapons and accessories, in example; Large Blade could be a sword of some sort, Katana, Nodatchi, etc.


Equipment marked with an X cannot be purchased when creating a new character, it must be obtained in RP.

Small Blade 100¥ Illegal
Large Blade 800¥ Illegal
Blunt Weapon 100¥ Illegal
Projectile Weapon (crossbow, etc) 500¥ Illegal
Light Pistol 500¥ Permit or Illegal
Heavy Pistol 600¥ Permit or Illegal
Machine Pistol 900¥ Very Illegal
Hunting Rifle 800¥ Permit or Illegal
X - Sniper Rifle 5,000¥ Very Illegal
SMG 1,000¥ Very Illegal
Shotgun 1,000¥ Permit or Illegal
Assault Rifle 2,500¥ Very Illegal
Grenade Launcher (Underbarrel or self contained) 1,500¥ Very Illegal
X - Missile/Rocket Launcher 5,500¥ Very Illegal
Grenade (Any type) 50¥ Very Illegal
Explosive Charge 100¥ Very Illegal

Exotic Ammunition (10 per box)
X - Armor Piercing DIscard Sabot 70¥ Per Box Very Illegal
X - Anti Vehicle Rounds 200¥ Per Box Very Illegal
X - Incendiary Rounds 150¥ Per Box Very Illegal
X - Rocket 1500¥ Per Rocket Very Illegal
X - Guided Missile 3750¥ Per Missile Very Illegal
Hi-C Plastic Rounds 150¥ Per Box Same as Gun

Weapon Accessories
Silencer 500¥ Same as Gun
Smartgun Modification same as gun Same as Gun
Scope (Doesn't apply to stuff that would already come with one) 1,500¥ Same as Gun
Everything else Don't worry about it. Obviously

Normal clothes, cosmetics, etc Don't worry about it Legal
Armor Clothes 600¥ Legal
X - Light Security Armor 7,500¥ Permit or Illegal
X - Medium Security Armor 9,000¥ Permit or Illegal
X - Heavy Security Armor 12,000¥ Permit or Illegal

Electronic Stuff
Pocket Secretary 2,000¥ Legal
Activesoft Chip (General) 7,500¥ Legal
Activesoft Chip (Specific) 5,000¥ Legal
Linguasoft 3,750¥ Legal
Knowsoft Chiip 11,250¥ Legal
Lowend Cyberdeck and Programs 100,000¥ Permit or Very Illegal
Decent Cyberdeck with Programs 400,000¥ Permit or Very Illegal
X - High End Cyberdeck with Programs 1,000,000¥ Permit or Very Illegal

Vehicle Drones
Crap Car 20,000¥
Fancy Car 200,000¥
Motorcycle 15,000¥
Truck/Van Transport 35,000¥
Hovercraft 200,000¥
Helicoptor 200,000¥
Rigger Moddification 2,500¥
Cheap Drone 2,000¥
Advanced Drone 20,000¥
Remote Control Deck 15,000¥

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