Creates physical elements. These spells follow slightly different rules aside from other spells in that they create and direct a physical medium (fire, lightning, etc) which is directed at a target. As they consist of matter and energy, these spells function similar to other ranged attacks in that they can be obstructed (by glass and other barriers), and that area Elemental Manipulations can affect unseen targets that are within the effect range of the spell (being invisible won't protect you from getting cooked by a fireball).


  • Drain: 3
  • Uses directed, weaponized light.
  • Light can blind victims, causing extra damage to creatures vulnerable to sunlight. Can override optical sensors, etc.


  • Drain: 3
  • Creates a stream of hot fumes.
  • Victims take significant non-lethal damage and can be stunned by choking smoke.
  • Obscures vision for the target struck.

Acid StreamEdit

  • Drain: 3
  • A spray of corrosive fluid.
  • Acid can corrode organic and inorganic materials alike: Tires will melt, body armor will erode, weapons will be damaged, etc.
  • Characters in chemical protection gear are near immune.


  • Drain: 3
  • Creates a stream of fire.
  • Fire can ignite materials, cook off rounds and explosives, etc.
  • Vehicle fuel can be ignited, but vehicles with closed tanks may take multipe shots to detonate.

Lightning BoltEdit

  • Drain: 3
  • Arcs a bolt of electricity.
  • Subjects wearing metal are afforded no resistance, even those with Fortitude.
  • Capable of igniting flammable materials.
  • Subjects that are not gounded (levitating or flying) are treated as having Fortitude for the effect.


  • Area + 2 Drain

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