DocWagon is an international AA corporation that has provided it's brand of medical services to the Seattle metroplex since 2043.

In GeneralEdit

While DocWagon began predominantly in the field of emergency medical services, it has since expanded to include general medical insurance, acute care, surgery, and other programs that effectively cover the full range of medical services in some shape or form. If DocWagon doesn't provide certain services itself within a region, it usually has some form of contract with another agency that does.

On its face, DocWagon prides itself on helping people with effecient, high quality services. Naturally, 'people' extends specifically to 'insurance holders in good standing' and otherwise anyone with the money to cover services. The fine line between someone recieving care and someone being left to bleed out on the doorstep is whether that someone can verifiably afford the cost.

DocWagon goes to no uncertain lengths to protect it's customers (and charge them accordingly). While it may cooperate with law enforcement in appropriate cases, it's policy is to aggressively defend customer privacy.

How Services WorkEdit

When a person signs up for DocWagon insurance, their SIN is registered along with a tissue sample for the purposes of cloning parts when needed. You cannot sign for services without a SIN, though DocWagon doesn't discriminate much and rarely does a background check apart from 'is it there' and 'does it have money'.

These samples degrade over time and don't last long for use in any sorcery, however samples can be magically preserved upon request (at cost), wherein it will only be accessible to those specifally stated by the owner. If a warrant is provided, such samples can be requisitioned by law enforcement.

From there, the customer can access DocWagon's services or recieve care appropriate to the level of their insurance. DocWagon will not cross extraterritorial bounds without permission, and will generally consult with law enforcement if performing an extraction in the middle of a firefght.

In SeattleEdit

DocWagon's primary facility is located accross from the Renraku building and is equipped to provide a full range of medical services.

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