Category: Bodyware

Essence cost:

Low: 0.8
High: 2.5

Nuyen Cost:

Low: 6 000¥
High: 45 000¥

Legality: Permit or Very Illegal

This invasive protection system uses hard plastic and metal fibre plates bonded to the user’s skin. Dermal plating is anything but subtle, others will be able to tell the user has it from the way their skin bunches unnaturally due to the fact that it limits skin flexibility. Dermal plating is not the same as body armor, it is capable of dissipating the kinetic energy of a strike across a larger area thus making you harder to hurt however bullets will still pierce it unless they have already been slowed down by something like actual armor. It would protect you from being grazed by a bullet and it would lessen the impact of physical strikes, it will offer protection from blades depending on the quality of the blade and how much force is behind it. Dermal plating can inhibit natural healing of the skin if something manages to piece the plating and skin. The armour plates can be made to match and colour or surface texture.

Dermal plating comes in either low or high quality. low quality is cheeper and less obvious but only protects from minor damage. High level is more expensive and more obvious but can dissipate more damage.