Classification: Cultured Bioware

Bio Index: 0.3

Nuyen Cost:

Low Level: 25 000¥
High Level: 100 000¥

Legality: Permit or Very Illegal

Compensators are implanted ribbons of transmissive nerve fiber that bypass safety inhibitors. These allow a character to still act while suffering from physical and mental trauma keeping the body from shutting down even when seriously injured. Low level compensators only partially block the effect damage has allowing a character to stay up longer but the effect will still get through if they are injured badly enough. High level compensators allow a character to keep functioning even when severely injured to the point of near death.

Compensators can be both an advantage and a disadvantage for a character. The compensators do not in any way block actual damage from happening or make a person physically tougher to kill, it just keeps the injuries from triggering the body to shut down. While this means a character can keep fighting even when injured, there is a reason the brain has safety inhibitors and ignoring severe injuries can prove fatal. Someone with high level compensators could keep fighting to the point they bleed out and fall over dead because they don't realize just how bad their injuries are.

Compensators will work to dull the effects of simulated pain spells like Agony, it is useless however against the Nerve Strike of an Adept.

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