Though designed to be installed in cyberarms, cyberguns may be implanted in natural limbs. Typically, the gun is places along the forearm bone and fires through a port at the base of the palm. All cyberguns have an internal magazine ammunition load and can be reloaded through a port at the base of the palm. An external clip port can also be installed, though it makes the presence of the gun quite obvious. (The cybernetic SMG is burst fire only, not fully automatic)

Essence cost:

Light pistol: 0.25
Heavy pistol: 1
Submachine gun: 1.6
Shotgun: 1.8
Silencer: 0.3
External clip port: 0.2
Laser sight: 0.2

Nuyen Cost:

Light pistol: 650¥
Heavy pistol: 800¥
Submachine gun: 1 800¥
Shotgun: 1 200¥
Silencer: 1 000¥
External clip port: 100 ¥
Laser Sight: 700¥

Legality: Permit or Illegal

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