Control Manipulation

Magic which effects a victim's mind.

Control ActionsEdit

  • Drain: 2
  • Spell must be sustained.
  • Victim remains aware of what they're doing, but are a clumsy puppet by the mage.
  • The controller can force the victim to employ specific skills that they have - with a margain of difficulty if the victim is resisting (if the victim is very skilled at an action, this may not do much, however).

Control EmotionEdit

  • Drain: 2
  • Spell must be sustained.
  • Causes the victim to feel an emotion of the mage's choice.
  • The emotion is believed wholeheartedly, but not thoughtlessly. Emotions that are radically inappropriate to a situation may raise due suspicion in the victim.


  • Drain: 2
  • Makes subtle suggestions in victim's mind. Victim will act as if the thoughts were their own.
  • Option:
    • Full mind control: Drain: +1 (This option is sustained. Can be resisted by Fearless or the caster no longer being present)
    • Very difficult to make victim do things they would be violently opposed to.
    • This spell is not 'forceful' like Control Actions. Victim may resist if alterted by others that their actions are 'wrong'

Alter memoryEdit

  • Drain: 4
  • Alters or erases a single memory in the victim.
  • The alteration can be as small or grand as the caster desires.
    • The change is semi-permanent, remaining in place until broken.
    • There is a chance to 'break' the enchantment every time the target is forced to confront the false memory. This makes large, sweeping alterations very impractical.

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