Things that apply to almost all spirits:

  • When a spirit is conjured, it will perform 3 services for its summoner.
  • When a spirit is conjured into existence, it exists only on the astral planes, not in the physical world.
  • The spirit can use their powers to effect the one who summoned them, or anything else that is active in the astral planes.
  • If the summoner wants the spirit to effect anything physical (IE, not the summoner or something on the Astral Planes), the spirit must "manifest" into our world, this counts as 1 service rendered to the summoner.
  • If the summoner casts a spell that has to be sustained, like invisibility, they can have a spirit sustain the spell instead.

Options (Chosen when summoning):

  • 3 more services: +4 drain
  • Add "Really Strong" trait to spirit: +2 drain
  • Add "Fortitude" trait to spirit: +2 drain
  • Add "Really Fast" trait to spirit: +2 drain

Unlike player characters, spirits can use these traits both in the physical and astral worlds.

Concept Choices

Here is the list of spirits to choose from when creating a character.

  • Ancestor Spirits - Conjured by anyone who holds ancestors in spiritually high esteem (Replaces Spirits of Man)

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