Ancestor Spirits

-Can only be conjured by magicians such as Wujen or Shamans, people who can normally conjure a Spirit of Man.

-Following a tradition that can conjure Ancestor Spirits means that you CANNOT conjure Spirits of Man.

-Take the form of a particular deceased family member, behaving as one would expect that individual to in life.

-Requires three objects of importance to the ancestor to be conjured. At least one should be an actual possession of the one who is being conjured, while the others may simply be things associated with them such as favored foods or items.

-For every one of the three objects that you lack, you lose one service from the spirit. If you have none, your ritual to conjure the spirit for fail, as the spirit refuses your call.

-The ritual takes three hours, though it can be shortened at least an hour for each member of the Ancestor Spirit's family who is present for the conjuring.

-Only one Ancestor Spirit may be summoned at a time.

-All Ancestor Spirits possess the Really Fast character trait.

-Can cause or prevent accidents almost anywhere in the city that a spirit could use its powers.

-Are able to confuse those within their domain, making them unable to find their way around. This can be as minor as being unable to find the exit to a building, or constantly walking in circles in the forest, to walking straight off a cliff or into a furnace.

-Able to seek out any person or thing within their domain, though attempts to hide (physically if it is non-magical) or astrally (if active on the Astral at the time) can try to hide from the spirit's searches.

-Can be asked to divine the future, though they are understandably vague.

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